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What It Costs


For most people, switching to solar means lower monthly bills compared to standard electricity from a local provider. If your home is in a sunny location and your solar system is adequately designed, you could produce more energy than you consume personally and receive credits toward your bill. This could eliminate your bill in some cases. In order to get to those savings you have to make the initial investment to have a solar system designed for your home and professionally installed.

The design and installation process can easily run up to $40,000 if you decide to purchase your solar system upfront, but we now give you the option of a lease or Power Purchase Agreement, otherwise known as a PPA. In addition to reducing the expense of switching to solar, these options free you from the ongoing expense of maintaining your solar system. Since the systems are owned by Phoenix energy, it’s our responsibility to fix damages and keep your system running efficiently.


Lease or PPA

When you lease from Phoenix energy your solar system, you pay a set rate in exchange for the use of the system. A PPA is slightly different because you pay for the energy produced by the system, so your monthly bill may fluctuate depending on how much energy your home produces. It’s difficult to determine which of these options is best for you, but we take care of that for you. Either a lease or PPA program is offered in different states, so contact us if you want to discuss the best way to get started where you live.


Down Payments

When you invest in a new solar system, you may qualify for $0 down. The exact investment required to get the process started is determined by a variety of factors, including where your home is located, the size of the system needed for your home and whether you decide to lease or purchase your own system.


Leave the Work to Us

When you decide to lease or sign a PPA, our design team will create a solar system efficient for your home. Solar professionals will also install your system and make sure everything is operating efficiently while you gain access toa a monitoring system that tells you how much energy your system produces each month. We work hard to ensure you save as much as possible.